Fashion Show/Salad Luncheon
Remember to purchase your tickets for the upcoming Fashion Show and Salad Luncheon on May 21st. Please see this week's BULLETIN for more info.
Church Tour 2016
Our Church Tour this year will take place on Sunday, May 29th, in nearby Carnegie. Please see this week's BULLETIN for more info.
Haven't Seen Someone in a While?
Give them a call. See how they are doing. Let them know that you not only miss them but also care enough to see if everything is okay. A kind word can go a long way.
Fr. Valerian Communion Visitation
If you know of any parishoners who are sick and unable to come to church for an extended period of time, please inform Fr. Valerian so he can call them up and see about putting them on his home communion visitation schedule.
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Byzantine Catholic World Online
Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!
Thank you for your interest in St Gregory Byzantine Catholic Church. Our parish is located in Upper St. Clair which is just a few miles south of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Whether this is your first experience of a Byzantine Catholic Church or you are visiting from another parish, we are glad to share our tradition and worship with you!

Jesus Prays to be Glorified - Gospel Reading & Homily (5-8-2016)